It’s everyone’s desire to be happy and to have happy children who are doing well throughout their life
Why then are there so many frustrated and unhappy people, while a newborn has so much potential? We can give them an optimal start in life by providing the right environment and conditions. All of us, individuals as well as society, will benefit mentally and economically in the end. It’s my goal to provide clear guidelines for the child’s environment.

Helping people with learning disabilities to develop their potential
Most people with a learning disability don’t cope well in the current education system and have low self-esteem. Therefore they are unhappy, frustrated, and can’t reach their potential. Why not change our view on learning disabilities? See them as different learning styles, and concentrate on a person’s strength instead of their weaknesses. This would contribute to their happiness, self-image, and to their ability to reach their potential. You will find a different perspective on learning disabilities and insights into the consequences of being misunderstood.

Understanding dyslexia and how to overcome the disadvantages of dyslexic
Often there is a negative feeling about having dyslexia; because we concentrate on the disadvantages. Why not turn the situation around and harvest the positive aspects of having dyslexia. This would prevent a lot of frustration to the dyslectic and his surrounding. More about how to detect and understand dyslexia and its advantages.

Famous people with learning differences as great examples
These famous people are great examples. Their stories can contribute to creating more self-esteem, belief in oneself, and pride and motivate everyone with a learning disability.

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