PBS Parents Here you’ll find information about your child’s development from birth through the early school years. And you’ll find lots of fun educational activities for your children to help get them ready for school. The Parents Guides address important aspects of your child’s early years, such as school readiness and social and emotional development.

Happy Dyslexic More information on dyslexia, such as understanding dyslexia, overcoming the disadvantages of dyslexia, and how to reach potential.

Education World: Creating ABC Books: Writing ABC books reinforces many language skills.

Education World: Writers’ Notebooks: An activity that motivates, and brings enjoyment in writing.

A Breakthrough in Primary Education: Based on six years of classroom research.

The Ronald Davis Tools: Useful tools to alleviate the disadvantage of dyslexia.

BCC School: Useful for the ages from 4 to 16 all ages, tips for parents and teachers.

Tips-O-Matic Useful tips on writing: sentences, paragraphs, essays.

I can learn The system and program on this website are based on interactive learning and students can learn at their own pace.

Text Help: They have developed a range of software products designed to assist individuals to improve their reading and writing abilities.

Visual Thesaurus: An experiment in language and interface, Plumb Design’s Visual Thesaurus is both an artistic exploration and a tool to explore, study, and analyze the structure of language. By displaying the interrelationships between words and meanings as spatial maps, the Visual Thesaurus translates language into visible architecture.

The Free Dictionary, A free dictionary online.